About Us

Purpose and Mission Statement


The purpose of Theolo-She.org is to provide a forum for women of the Global South and from indigenous communities to speak for themselves on matters of theology, different faith traditions, culture, and life experiences.  The offering of access points and platforms to be heard is the chosen methodology of the project as a culturally appropriate way for those coming from the context of Western imperialism to engage indigenous women and women from the Global South in theological and cultural dialogue.

The project responds to the voices of critique from women of the Global South and attempts to address their expressed need for greater influence in the global theological dialogue.  Theolo-She.org frames its discussion forum by engaging with women theologians from the Global South, including Musa Dube and Kwok Pui-Lan, by highlighting exemplars of postcolonial feminist biblical scholarship.  It is the hope of Theolo-She to be a forum for discussion of faith in the realms of both everyday life and theological scholarship.

Statements of faith are not meant as normative orthodoxy and are not to be and should not be applied as such for anyone, including the person articulating them.  In essence we are flocking together to create a community of knowledge so we can build a world where everyone can spread their wings and soar.

Meet the She Behind Theolo-She
Taylor Muma, Founder and Developer



I consider myself a postcolonial feminist, a Christ follower, a seeker of truth, a peacemaker, a progressive, and a lifelong learner.  I live in Colorado with my husband, Ron, and our beloved cat, Rochester.

The commitment to social justice as a central tenant of my life and theology.  I am a proponent of moving beyond pure deconstructionism to engage avant-garde intellectual inquiry to effectively construct positive change in the world and offer new visions to facilitate the advent of a more just and sustainable future.

Rather extensive global travel has been, and I hope will continue to be, a perennial source of joy and stimulation to expand my horizons.  I have resided for varying time periods from months to years in several foreign countries including Canada, Tunisia, Italy, and Portugal.  My experience living in divergent cultural and geographic landscapes in different phases of my life has been uniquely beneficial in helping me develop a global consciousness.  This perspective is of paramount importance to my personal, spiritual, and intellectual worldview.

Academic Interests

I am currently a doctoral student in the Joint Degree Program in the Study of Religion at The University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology.  I hold a Master of Divinity Degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University and a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Religious Studies and Political Science.  My theology has roots in Protestant doctrine, Liberation Theology, Trinitarian Theology, and Postcolonial Theory.  The principle research interest I am pursuing in my doctoral studies pertains to the core relationality inherent in triune divinity and its applications for mitigating ‘us’ versus ‘them’ dichotomies in a global society.

I hold that dialoguing with people of other religious and cultural traditions is an imperative of my faith and fosters ever-deepening wisdom and faith within me.  It develops my appreciation of the intricacies of the image of God in my fellow human beings.  The God I follow sets the example for my life by extending empathy without boundaries and relationship without agenda.